The believes of my parents surrounded the idea that everything here on earth and the whole universe exist out of pure energy, energy that existed on many levels. A low energy is the materialistic world we see around us. This energy moves very slow. Then there is a higher energy that is not pervceivable for us humans. It vibrates in a rapidity that is invisible for our eyes. Every materialistic object or living creature has a low and high energy. The low is the materilistic form, and the high is the 'soul'. You can say that these vibrations exist in two different dimensions.
In my sculptures/installations I try to emphasise the high vibration. I am not interested in making an artwork that is beautiful or a strive for aestetics. I strive for making the soul discernible.

Fiona Lutjenhuis

t: +316 55943553

BA Fine Art, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands (2010 - 2014)

—— Group exhibition 'HAUSE IV Finnisage', Brebl, Nijmegen (16 May 2015)
—— Group exhibition '_A_M_O_', Art at Nuyens, Arnhem (29 March - 19 April 2015)

—— Group exhibition 'Kersvers', MAAS Ruimte voor Kunst, Nijmegen (2014)
—— Group exhibition 'Destillaat #16', Extrapool, Nijmegen (2014)
—— Graduation Show BA Fine Art (part of ArtEZ Finals) 'Appellation Contrôlée', Oude Bibliotheek, Arnhem (2014)
—— Group exhibition 'IN TRANSIT', VU Exposorium, Amsterdam (2014)
—— Group exhibition 'Expo #2', Onder Ons, Nijmegen (2014)
—— Workshop 'Landscape in a bottle', Onder Ons, Nijmegen (2014)

—— Group exhibition 'FASE II', GAL-AX-Y, Arnhem (2013)
—— Group exhibition 'Artoll', Bedburg-Hau, Kleve, Germany (2013)

—— Group exhibition, Rijnstate Ziekenhuis, Arnhem (2012)
—— Group exhibition 'Stuurloos', Gele Rijders Plein, Arnhem (2012)

—— Open atelier 'Wintertijd', Flexpo # 2, Perron 026, Arnhem (2011)
—— Group exhibition 'Spoed', Hit and run, De Terp, Arnhem (2011)
—— Group performance 'To be present', Showroom Arnhem, Arnhem (2011)
—— Group project at Incubate festival w/ Whatspace, Tilburg (2011)
—— Group performance 'Cadans',
De Gelderse Roos, Lunteren (2011)

—— Group exhibition 'DIT BIJ DAT', GAL-AX-Y, De Zaal, Arnhem (2013)
—— Group exhibition 'FASE II', GAL-AX-Y, SGA, Arnhem (2013)

Since 2013 I co-run GAL-AX-Y,
an artist-run initiative hosting exhibitions troughout Arnhem.
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